Universal Column Protector

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Suitable for any shaped columns from 200 to 700mm Can be cut to fit. Supplied in 4 sections.


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Universal Column Protector 

  • Suitable for square and rectangular shaped columns 200mm up to 700mm in size
  • Unique patented Column Protector is made from a highly flexible and tough low density polyethylene
  • The Universal Column Protector provides an air cushion on impact thus reducing column and vehicle damage.
  • The Universal protector is supplied in 4 sections with plastic cross members that can be cut to fit on site, sizes from 200mm to 700mm.
  • The Universal Column Protector is very economical when compared to other protectors currently on the market
  • Manufactured in bright yellow and available with or without reflective signage.
  • Can be assembled in minutes. No Fixings to column or Floor required
  • Specifications:1 Meter High x 700mm long. Weight: 4 kg per section. Made from linear low density polyethylene (tensile strength at break ASTM D 638 MPa – 9.5)

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Weight 20 kg


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